Healing Homeopatic Copper


There is a unique benefit of the copper fabric. It has been discovered recently
Quantum physics, and has so many wonderful effect of the body.
First and most unique attribute, it has relieves, relaxes a muscles and vascular spasm. It is Excellent for insomnia. It has extraordinary ability to equalize the body temperature. It has been Regenerating and optimization the blood and the lymph circulation.
The copper has a healthy growth effect on the bones, skin and cartilage. It has an ability to destroy any germs, virus, fungus it is a natural disinfectant.
It increases blood circulation, improves recovery after injuries. Protecting and keeping the body chakras well functioned and healthy. The copper shawl tied around the neck relieves neck and upper thoracic vertebrae and muscle spasm around the whole area. This reduces pressure inside of the inter vertebral discs. It has Preventing calcification of the vertebrae, vision problems. The Copper fabric is replacing rehabilitative exercise, massage and medical therapies naturopath together to help the correction of scoliosis. The heat of the copper leads of eight thousand times better than cotton (known from it`s analgesic effect of the heat).
Copper Scarf  10 inches~55inches

Copper Scarf 20.£

Inflammatory process, immune activity is the basis for the operation. Our body feels the nutritional, physical and mental stress, but this example. the TEK (transzg.epigenetikus USA) Environmental stress such as a solar flare, the electro-smog, the magnetic field changes, more and more electrical appliances, mobile phones, all of which the Internet operates, etc. … and all this inflammation induces that can be protected as they heal, well defined quantity, and copper enter here.

The point is to isolate a fairly broad spectrum of energy. Millions of people are sitting by their computer all day long. Could have been many, all sort of reason to do that, just searching, music, movies playing games, chatting or just reading ,e mailing,etc…. the electro smog has changing the body Phased effect, the copper has alkalizing the body Protecting yourself from these harming energy, if your head (forehead),or your throat covered with the copper shawl. It is not to letting the electro smog in. The throat chakras has been protected by the copper fabric

Copper fabric helps to prevent relaxed sleep and relieves muscle spasm.Copper fabric should be placed under the mattress cover. Starting with one by one, adding a feet from the knee, than thigh, waist, increase it every day a bit more and about 10 days spread it out completely! Thus, an increasing body surface area is under the protection of our body is gradually released from the harmful empathic load, unable to adapt harmoniously to the equilibrium level. You can notice immediately strong anti-stress effects of nightmares, a powerful sweating, although fast heart rate may result. Avoid synthetic bedding, nightwear use, because they spoil the screening effect! Therapeutic purposes, pinched waist or flu we can have a direct contact even it is good to cover our self with it… In this case, however, we have to count it will wear out very fast. The fabric has a healing effect about a year.

Copper discolors very easily, although it does not change the good benefit of the fabric at all.

Wash it with a luke warm water by hand, air dry it. Do not dry clean it; do not put it in the dryer.


However, such as direct contact-therapy must be avoided in Wilson’s disease, and acute inflammation or allergy to copper!

Stress repressed people, heart patients at the beginning of the application should consult with a doctor, reflexologies, and kinesiology. Highly recommended for prosthesis, pacemaker control, and cardiovascular disorder people! The copper fabric can be used at work, under the carpet as well.

Copper Flat: size 60″- 60″ Price: 82£


Electromagnetic Radiation Wi-Fi

CHECK it out what an expert has to say! About Wifi,Phone,Microwave

As we know water is so good at conducting electricity. The total amount of water in a human body is about 60%; in the new born it might be 75%.Energymagnetic radiation waves, travels at the speed of light. The acceleration of electric charges, such as alternating current in a radio transmitter, gives rise to electromagnetic radiation. Other common examples of electromagnetic radiation are x-rays, microwaves, and radio waves. Cells in your body can react to EMFs as a harmful invader, just like they do to other environmental toxins.
New scientific evidence is pointing toward all the twentieth century human plagues can be tied to some aspect of our use of electricity, including: acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children, brain tumors, malignant melanoma, asthma, cardiovascular disease, immune system dysfunction, hormone disturbance, brittle diabetes, sleep disorders, headaches, Alzheimer’s disease and ADHD.
Two of the more well-known biological impacts from electro smog are the interruption of the brain wave pattern leading to behavior issues and the interference to your body’s entire communication system .It is leading to abnormal neurological function, such as dementia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. At the brain of the cells, recognize electromagnetic fields at very low levels of exposure producing a stress response similar to that produced by exposure to heavy metals or toxic chemicals.
Electromagnetic radiation
Energy is in the form of transverse magnetic and electric waves. In a vacuum, these waves travel at the speed of light (which is itself a form of electromagnetic radiation). The acceleration of electric charges (such as alternating current in a radio transmitter) gives rise to electromagnetic radiation. Other common examples of electromagnetic radiation are x-rays, microwaves, and radio waves.

Most wireless LAN equipment is designed to work within predefined standards. However, wireless laptops are typically used close to humans. Wi-Fi has been anecdotally linked to electromagnetic hypersensitivity; schoolchildren should not use any of these devices. Cordless phone’s radiation could actually exceed the radiation of a mobile phone.
We are also surrounded by low frequency radiation from AC electrical wiring and electric power lines. And electro smog is also transmitted thru photons in our AC light systems.

Each wireless device in your home or your neighbors radiates billions of frequencies every second and this is a big stress to the nervous system. For example, a 5.8 Gigahertz cordless phone radiates 5.8 billion of microwaves per second. One third of our lives are spent sleeping. A stress less night´s sleep allows the pineal gland to activate melatonin production, vital for wellness. Many customers share that after using copper liner in their bedroom window shielding in their area of the resting place, that it`s feels like sleeping in nature.

Let see, what an expert have to say about a radiation: